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What is your image of a brand that offers reliable, modern IT solutions? The client’s creative brief included a request to create a new brand, logo, and corporate identity.

Our solution

We created an elegant solution for a company that provides information technology services mainly to foreign clients, a solution that conveys the brand’s vision and its activities to potential clients throughout the world with no thought to borders.


Due to their nature and the clients that use them, modern technologies and information systems require an innovative approach and creative ingenuity, but also exceptional knowledge of traditional processes. By combining both, we achieved a balanced and extremely gratifying result.

Naming & logo creation

The brand name is both globally understood and modern at the same time, and incorporates all the most important features. The logo, created directly from the name, symbolises the union between the human world and the world of the most modern technologies.

PANTONE 668C, 7679 U

RGB 91.70.122
WEB #5b467a

PANTONE 7411 C, 142 U

RGB 248.177.50
WEB #f8b132

PANTONE Black C, Black U

RGB 0.0.0
WEB #000000

Corporate Identity

The graphic elements are technically precise and meticulously articulated, yet insightfully selected, and the creative elements of the corporate identity proved to be viable in real life, standing out on the varied range of promotional materials for the new brand.


The practical, stylish brochure we created for our client and their new brand provides a brief overview of the services offered by the company along with a map of their history and their greatest achievements to date.

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