Sygic GPS Navigation

The most-installed offline app in the world

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The Slovak company Sygic, as a producer of GPS software and navigation systems for mobile phone devices is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Central Europe with its products being used by millions of customers in 80 countries around the world. The application Sygic GPS Navigation provides customers with 88 new maps, which include popular holiday destinations throughout the whole world.

Our solution

In order to demonstrate the application’s benefits and it’s addition of new destinations, we decided to take a simple and understandable path, which in addition to informational value also offers viewers an opportunity to relax and to be entertained via online videos.


The creative idea in accordance with the layout, in short, provides an overview of the entire world in a brief animated video. In one continuous shot we are able to literally travel around the whole planet and, in an entertaining way, learn about individual countries and their local colour.


We enhanced the animated video in the corporate style of the company with new elements and approaches, creating an effective result as well as an overall exotic experience. The atmosphere of the world’s greatest cities are humorously depicted using a variety of colourful music and sound effects that allows the video, even without narration, to reach customers all over the world.


By travelling around the world we can learn about foreign countries and cultures as well as their unique expressions and individual nature. For these purposes we created within the premises of our agency a complete artistic foundation with a specific environment and specifically designed characters.

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