Luxury Sailing

A new brand on the waves of business

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The opportunity to design for our client a comprehensive corporate identity with a unique new name, logo and website for both domestic and international clientele provided us with the challenge of creating a new brand, which in a sea of competitive businesses?

Our solution

The unique name with its specific internet domain reflects the first-class luxury and extraordinary experience that can be had on the sea waves. The modern and effective corporate identity compliments the nature of the brand, which evokes the alluring fragrance of faraway, exotic lands.


Harnessesing the forces of nature from the cockpit of a stylish, luxury yacht offers a unique opportunity to break away from your everyday cares and worries and cast off for the experience of a life time. The dynamically stylish logo incorporates all the elements of such an exclusive holiday and absolute comfort for the most demanding clients from all over the world. The circular logo effectively and naturally combines a crescent moon and a yacht bobbing on the waves, all the while creating an original comprehensive whole.

Corporate identity

The subtle and legible logo symbol in harmony with the colours and corporate identity of the brand completes the overall character and nature of the compnay.


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WEB #192248


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WEB #ab9c8a

Primárna farba

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WEB #666666


The user-effective and functional website provides visitors with the company’s rich offerings, such as the unforgettable experiences to be had sailing the seas and discovering magical bays.

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