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Hello MOTO!

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Lenovo introduced their slick new phone in Slovakia as part of their international advertising campaign. The modular phones in the new MOTO Z family have MOTO Mods™ that can be snapped onto the phones, providing incredible variability and unrivalled possibilities for entertainment and other uses. The company was looking to communicate this in a suitable manner in the local environment.

Our solution

When you consider language differences, and even more so cultural differences, it is not always easy to adapt the campaign of a global brand to fit the Slovak market. The campaign focussed primarily on the benefits of the MOTO Z and its flexibility of use, and we naturally adapted the local version to those criteria and introduced the new phones to Slovak customers from A to Z.


“Hello MOTO!” Welcome to a world of truly unlimited possibilities. This premium, ultra-thin smartphone allows users to transform their phone in seconds into an entirely new device. Add a speaker, projector, camera, power pack, or a stylish shell made of premium materials to make your MOTO Z a true experience.

TV spot

The dynamic television advertisement airs on the Slovak stations TV JOJ, JOJ PLUS, and WAU, with specific pack shots for the largest Slovak mobile operators – Orange and Telekom. The popular actress Lenka Košická lent her voice to the adapted Slovak version.


The campaign also introduces the new Lenovo products through traditional venues, using large-format outdoor media in public areas – such as the busy underpass on Hodžovo námestie in Bratislava.


The extraordinary capabilities of the new smartphone and its modifications were exemplarily presented to potential customers in printed advertisements in magazines and circulars.


The new smartphone also draws a lot of attention online. The unmistakable branding reaches the target group of customers on their favourite portals and websites.

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