Food 2.0

The New Generation of Food

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The client asked us to come up with a fitting name for their company and to create a brand for a restaurant that is adamant about serving only healthy food. We felt there was a shift in the concept of food, a move to a new modern level upon which we began building the brand.

Our solution

We created a unique name that goes beyond the tired stereotypes used in food services. We then created a logo, defined the corporate identity, branding for the restaurant, held photo shoots, and built a unique website.


We named this new version of a restaurant, and the preparation as well as consumption of food, version 2.0. Food 2.0 means eating healthy and delicious food. A modern and innovative approach to healthy food ultimately fleshed out the company’s claim:

“Appetite grows with food”

Corporate identity

The backbone of the corporate identity is a custom-font logo combining black, green and white.

Primary colour

RGB 73.66.63
WEB #49423e

Secondary colour

RGB 191.215.50
WEB #bed631

Tertiary colour

RGB 72.72.74
WEB #58585b


The website was designed to be timeless and to set the trend for food-related websites. The timeless design, with the incorporation of black, gives a very polished impression and evokes a feeling of high quality food.


Food photography is one of the most important elements for anyone engaged in a food-related business. We took a slightly different approach and photographed all the food from above, creating a sense of something new and stylish.

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