Social network reported that from beginning of October it will provide and make available ads also in Slovakia. It happened. Slovak version of the Instagram is living by ads. We’ll bring you short post with our view and with some tips whether is ad on Instagram suited for your brand a business.


1. Instagram and its specific target group

Main part of target group is comprised by young 15-30 year old people, known as generation Y or Millenials.They are people who are still studying or they are fresh graduates or beginning workers. We’re referring them as early adopters, what means that they have potential to be first in adopting new trends, technologies or applications.
Instagram has about 400 million users worldwide, who share 60 million photos every day and it is one of top world platform for mobile ads. That’s how looks worldwide statistics according to



In Slovakia there is about 200 000 Instagram users. Internet is for them primary source of information and they can’t imagine their life without their smartphone.
They’re people who love social networks and love to travel and they need experiences which they’re sharing with their friends.
They’re in constant motion and their life is around interesting content. They adore online videos, love nice photos and stylish products, that are more expensive. 
That’s how we are describing target group, which are on Instagram either active – by posting and sharing photos or passive by viewing content or following interesting people and brands.


2. Pretty and stylish photos are on first place

Can you bring interesting content to social network for your target group? Interesting photos and content, that are inviting on first look, is base part of success on Instagram. This social network is more than any other medium based on photos. So if you want to have good CTR (click-through-rate) and whole interaction of your campaign, we recommended that your sponsored posts look natural and look like other organic posts of social network.

3. Selfies can enrich your brand

Another unwritten rule of Instagram is that you should love doing selfies. If your brand can connect with people directly on photos, then you can use full potential of this social network mainly for advertising and contests. Top brands have their followers who are also ambassadors of the brand. They’re presenting with them, they’re taking photos with them, they’re part of their life. So are lovebrands of Instagram.


4. Basic forms of advertisment on Instagram

Carousel ad
This type of ad use series of images, thanks to them you can share with your followers some story in different situations and use whole series of visuals in your campaign. Natural story-telling and some secret which is explained in last frame can help you attract your target group and to support them in action – to make click on your website. This form of ad is used as multilevel ad in which you are displaying for example new autumn collection or top products of your portfolio. If you want to look how big brands are using Instagram for advertising, take a look at following video here.

Video ad
Using image and sound in one ad format was always on higher level and it can’t be different in this case. We’re not talking about fact that by statistics is known that people who are using Instagram also love videos. We will have 30 seconds ad spot in disposition.


Image reklama
One photo can tell more than you would expect. Careful selection of photos and product in creative way can inspire people to promote your product or service without any useless text.

Few tips at end

That’s how Instagram works. If this form of advertising on Instagram is suited for your online activity and if it is suited for your target group or product, don’t hesitate and try it. Try ads on Instagram by yourself or you can take advice from specialists. Inspiration for you can be   top ad campaign on Instagram in 2014. We can’t wait when Instagram starts to display ads also in Slovakia and we began to make campaign for one of our clients. You will be informed about results in case study soon.