Music in advertising is really important, but its role is always different. One time it serves as background for visual, other time it plays main role of whole idea. I’ve tried to select for you some songs, which attracted my interest, they were in ads mainly with Slovakian localization and I’ve prepared playlist from them. We’ll tell more about few ads in article. .

1. Fiat Grande Punto (Hardknox – Fire like this) 

Fiat commercial , which was transmitted in Slovakian televisions in 2007, was big success thanks to great background music by band Hardknox. Music and attractive visual remained in memory of lot of viewers. .

2. Renault Mégane (Amanda Groove – I see you baby)

We’ll continue with automobile ads. In these types of ads is used background music that emphasize speed, dynamics and comfort of cars. Renault Mégane, which had undergone significant facelift, mainly in bottom parts, used background music in ad in a different way. Visual with great accompaniment of music communicated exactly what they wanted. .

3. Zlatý bažant (Jerry Mungo – In the summer time)

RSlovakian beer ad from 2007 used as background music very positive summer song. Waiters go around city with perfectly tapped beers and they invoke great emotion in viewer thanks to music. .

4. Kinder Bueno (Selah Sue – This world)

Selah Sue recently visited Bratislava. In summer you can see her on Grape festival. Kinder company used her song in slightly vampire-seductive visual where vampires are addicted to Kinder Bueno. Everytime I hear this song, I recall Kinder Bueno.

5. Renault Clio (James Brown – Get up I feel like being a sex machine)

Cars again. Funny ad which is based on 1 second from James Brown song. Guy sings one phrase from song and in the end of ad we will know why.

6. Absolut Vodka (Sweedish House Mafia – Greyhound)

This ad has two versions. TV spot, which has classic 30 seconds a music video where in the end of song is product showed. Nice visual, good music and quality product maybe don’t have to make sense, but recall is very high.

I’ve created playlist for you on Spotify, where you can listen 26 songs from ads, which are played mainly in Slovakia. Certainly you will know most of them, so enjoy it.

Playlist link:
daren&curtis – Songy z reklám
Or simply, try to search in Spotify: daren&curtis

7. Opel Corsa (Sean Paul – Send it on)
8. Orange Slovensko (Modjo – Lady)
9. BMW i8 (Awolnation – Sail)
10. BMW 6 (Slack wax – Close to my fire)
11. Toyota Optimal Drive (Free Design – Love you)
12. T-mobile Slovensko (Koop Featuring Yukimi Nagano – Summer Sun)
13. Citroen C4 (Johannes Brahms – Hungarian Dance No. 5)
14. Bonaqua (Chemical Brothers – Surface to air)
15. Kooperativa (Rita Pavone – Bella Ciao)
16. Jacobs (Elvis Presley – Return to sender)
17. Peugot 207 (The Fratellis – Chelsea Dagger)
18. Toyota Auris (Ash – Shining Light)
19. Tatrabanka (Finley Quaye – Your Love Gets Sweete)
20. Peugeot 407 (Nichole Alden – Baby now)
21. Reanult Scénic (Presidents Of The United States Of America – Ca Plane Pour Moi)
22. Fiat Grande Punto (Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams)
23. MasterCard (Renato Carosone – Tu vuo’ fa l’Americano)
24. Magnesia Multia (Yann Tiersen – Comptine D’Un Autre Ete L’Apres Midi)
25. Toma džúsy (Shockin Blue – Venus)
26. T-mobile Slovensko (The Sounds – Tony the Beat)

Enjoy our playlist.