The success of every business in the online environment depends on conversion. Whether you are selling one product, one service or collecting leads, you should always be interested in the final conversion, which is whether or not your activities ultimately put you in the black. Does your Landing Page meet the needs of your customer? If you have any doubts, daren&curtis will be glad to help you with one of their attractive and functional designs.

VCurrently, it’s no problem to create your own e-shop or any other kind of web page, make a list of orders, and begin advertising. Everything looks quite easy – you have a great product, an irresistible offer, and first-class advertising. Traffic is high and relevant, but the conversion is not growing.

Where’s the problem?

The stumbling block might just be where you’re targeting your advertisements. Do you know what condition your Landing Page is in? In order to find out what state it’s in you do not need to know how to master complex tools. All you need to have are heatmaps. Just give them some time to collect data and then take a look at the results. You can see where visitors have clicked, if they’ve noticed call-to-action elements, or if they’re distracted by other elements on the Landing Page or are simply “lost” on the page.
You can see that the call-to-action button on the heatmap of our client Max Sport, is the most clicked on. And that’s the way it should be.


During the creation of a Landing Page it is important to anticipate user behaviours on the web. The offer must always be comprehendible and clear. Do not give the visitor too much choice, otherwise they will be put into a state of decision-making paralysis and ultimately choose nothing and leave. If you have an e-shop with a wide range of products, focus on their visualization, and, in particular, on their description. In the product details section, provide useful information. Product information should always be specific. Be aware that internet users today open several pages simultaneously and that it’s not always the price that’s the deciding factor regarding purchase.

How should a Landing Page look?

A Landing Page should not contain any navigation bar. You want to keep users on the page and you’ll be glad if they perform the actions that you would like them to. You don’t want them to be distracted by anything else.

A very important element is a clear and comprehendible call-to-action (CTA). The call-to-action should be clear , easily understood, and, ideally, appealing as well. It should clearly indicate to users why to click, why they are there and where they are. The call-to-action must be placed in such a way that it “hits” the user in the eye and cannot be overlooked.

In the event that the Landing Page contains a form, be sure to consider whether or not it can be easily filled in and that it doesn’t ask the user information that is too complicated or personal. Ideally the form should contain two, or a maximum of three, fields. Users are more willing to provide their name and email. They do not like complicated and long forms and usually leave them empty.

The last thing to remember is the explanation. It is essential to briefly and concisely explain to users what is expected of them when filling out the form. They want to know what they’ll get out of it; for providing you with their contact information. This information must be relevant to the offer, which they have clicked on.

A good Landing Page will save you a lot of campaign costs and provide a great deal more conversion for less money. Therefore, do not underestimate its creation and importance.

Take a look and see how we designed the Landing Page for our client Max Sport:

  1. 1. The first thing to catch your eye on the page is a window where you can easily sign up for a contest.


2. After providing an email address you’ll see an announcement, where you can clearly see where you have signed up and what you get for doing so.


3. And finally you will receive an email confirming your participation in the contest.