Content marketing is extremely popular. It’s way in which are brands focusing on creation of authentic content. Its goal is to make awareness of brand and to present enterprise know how or product mainly in natural way. In first part of two parts of the posts we’ll bring you basic information about content marketing and first two practical reasons why you should use content marketing.


1. People like interesting content

We’re living in period when target group decide about what type of content consumes. Everyday from all sides we’re bombarded by ads. We’re simply avoiding ads and we’re choosing what is interesting for us. Place we can make most choices is online and there have content marketing strong position. In newsfeed on Facebook are displayed informations that are interesting for you. We’re choosing which website we will visit, which newsletter we will open, which article we will read and which video we will watch. Thanks to option of selection and dynamics is content marketing number one. But your content has to be interesting, so you have to bring something valuable, interesting, surprising or funny to your group. For example this video:

Forms of content marketing 
JIt is more forms of content marketing than you would think. Among online content activities belong: blogs and writing various posts, e-book creation, posts on social networks, references, videos and others. Way of buying was rapidly changed thanks to arrival of internet. Current customers are filling online surveys, they’re following discussion forums, blogs and reviews. They’re trying to get most information about themes about which are interested in and then they’re making buying decisions.


How we do it in daren&curtis
In graph you can see content marketing peaks of our campaigns, posts, articles, newsletter, invitations to conferences and others. You can see that in this period was our website visited by 8500 people with unique visitors of 5600. With long-term strategy and with creation of interesting content you can attract more people to your website .

2. Try to help people and customers will come

Content, which you are offering to people has to be helpful and inspiring. Content doesn’t have to be about what are you selling or what are properties of your product, but also about what interesting you know and about what you can share with your customers.


Content can be about story of your company or you can focus on story and needs of your customers. For example if you’re selling ad items for companies, your content doesn’t have to be about presentation of your products, but for example you can explain your customers what print techniques you’re using for ad cups or pens. Or you can make post about 10 ad items that every successful company should have. Or you can make price offer, what are prices of these items, what is their function and you can make interesting case study. Valuable content can attract to your website many customers, who would never know about you.

We believe that you like our first part of article about content marketing. We told you about basic reasons why you should do content marketing. In second part we’ll look at next 5 reasons, you should know about content marketing when you want fully use content marketing.