We love travelling, good food and team fun. This time around our teambuilding shoes led us to Milan. Here’s a short article about how we conquered the Italian city of fashion with our good mood and also take a look at a few pictures from our trip. Enjoy!


Ok, so let’s start in order. Maybe you’re asking, why precisely Milan? Here are a few reasons:
1. Fashion and food… that’s for us – we have on our team food bloggers and self-appointed fashion stylists.

2. Our ex-colleague Janči knows Milan like the back of his hand because he lived and worked there for several months. He offered to be our guide, which was an offer we couldn’t refuse.

3. Our CEO Jakub looks like a genuine Italian (pants above the ankle, colourful socks, and a stylish bow tie), so we wanted to see if he would really fit in in Milan.

So, it was simply decided that we would go. We quickly reserved our hostel and plane tickets leaving us nothing else to do but count down the days until the departure for our long-desired teambuilding. In the office, the week before leaving, we were already humming Italian songs and planning our every step. This is what our Milan itinerary looked like. Tutto bene, right?


Day 1 /Primo Giorno/
A real Italian breakfast was waiting for us in the office. Prosciutto, mozzarella, cornetto… everything just as it should be. Before our departure, we further strengthened ourselves with a little Spišsko-Italian juniper schnapps and took off for the airport. Well, we were all in a good mood, just see for yourself.


The flight passed very quickly, after all who wouldn’t enjoy a blurred Ryanair lottery drawing, right Erik? Soon we were disembarking at the Milan airport and being taken by bus to a genuine hostel, complete with bunk beds, as it should be. The task now was to see who could grab onto the upper bunk and not fall out of it. Not everyone was successful.


We unpacked our stuff and headed out onto the streets full of expectations. In addition to the beautiful square and the oldest shopping centre (Galleria Vittorio Emanuele), our favourite was without doubt the Duomo Cathedral.


Since, we were all getting hungry, we needed to find a place to get a bite. It wasn’t long before we found some Italian specialties and after a delicious dinner we continued our first-rate party in style with the rhythmic vibes of good music and dancing. As you know, it’s said that Italians are loud. Yes – it’s true. But no Italian group could match the decibel level of our party of 18. We were simply in our element and it could definitely be seen and heard.


Day 2 /Secondo Giorno/

We started the second day with a hearty breakfast and after our morning routines we headed out onto the streets again. We had a beautiful sunny day and we made the most of it.


Milan was ours. We strolled along the streets and through the boutiques of the most popular worldwide brands while also taking time out to admire the splendid architecture. For lunch we popped into a restaurant in the Brera district, where we stuffed ourselves on everything from risotto Milanese to Spaghetti Bolognese. Of course we didn’t forget desserts such as panna cotta and tiramisu. They forbade us to drink cappuccino, telling us that it’s only for breakfast (right Janči?) , so we substituted it with ristretto – just to be on the safe side.
IMG_1342After a rich, almost three hour lunch we danced on over to the roof of the Duomo, where we enjoyed a view of the entire square.


The second evening continued with a further tasting of Italian wines and delicacies in the Navigli district, where some people celebrated into the wee hours of the morning with beer and billiards as is customary at home.

Day 3 /Terzo Giorno/

Everybody returned home alive and well. Thankfully, no one got lost or left behind. So, let me quickly recap:

Participants on the trip: 18/18

Distance from home: 940 kilometres

We took: 854 photographs

Temporarily lost participants: 1

Experiences: 18643484

Memories: 4?  😀


So this was our trip to Milan and everything that it encompassed. We had an amazing time there – one which we will not soon forget. We also strengthened our team spirit and re-energized ourselves for our next work-related duties. And, as I’m so fond of saying, “good friends make for good work”.

Now the contest question: Try to guess which foot is Jakub’s.


And finally, for those who have read this article to the end … thank you for reading and let me summarize the entire trip with one succinct GIF.